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Thinking About Going Camping? Use This Advice

TIP! Make sure you have a survival kit with you during your entire camping trip. Things to include in your survival pack are a knife, matches that are waterproof, first aid kit, flares and tablets to purify water.

Camping is a great activity to do with family and family. Everyone should try it when they have the opportunity.Camping takes a lot of preparation and research.Continue reading to learn some important advice to keep in mind for you when you camp.

TIP! Take a class on how to do first aid. This is especially important if you are taking kids with you.

When you buy a new tent, put it together once at home before going on your camping trip. This helps you to get the experience needed for erecting your tent and make sure there aren't missing pieces.This can eliminate the frustration of trying to pitch your tent in a hurry.

TIP! Prior to leaving on your camping adventure, look at the weather forecast in the location your are going to be camping. You can find the average weather during a season for almost any location online.

Check out what the weather before you leave for your destination. There are several websites that can tell you with this information. This will help you better prepare by having the right clothes and equipment.

Camping can be extremely fun or extremely dangerous if you're not able to properly prepare. Always fully prepare before you head out on your camping trip.

TIP! Make sure to bring duct tape on your camping trip to fix almost any problem. It is great for patching your tent, repairing your shoes, fixing your insect netting and various other tasks.

Dryer lint can be used as kindling to start your campfire. Collect the lint in your clothes dryer to bring with you. Hang a grocery bag beside your dryer and collect the lint into it. This allows you to just get your kindling ready when you're ready.

TIP! Before you plan to camp in an new area, it is important to be aware of any dangers commonly found there. This includes things like which spiders are deadly, whether or not there are sheer drops, and if flash floods are common.

If you are not a seasoned camper, you should initially stay near home. You don't want to be far away if you decide you've had enough of camping, or you may decide to come home early. You may run out of food or need more clothing than you packed. Many problems may arise for a new camper, so camp close to home the first time.

TIP! If you bring along a canine companion on your trip, keep your pet leashed and watch him or her closely. You may encounter people with a fear of dogs.

Are you just starting with camping and now have a brand new tent in your possession? This will ensure that you understand how the tent at any time. This can help you set up camp in a hurry if you get to the site just before dark.

TIP! You should always have some duct tape along on any camping adventure. Just like at home, its uses are nearly endless.

Pack extra flashlights and plenty of batteries for your trip. You will need a light source to see clearly once night falls. Having the ability to light up an area well can prevent falls or surprise encounters with wildlife. If you're taking kids along with you, it's a good idea to provide each of them with their own light.

TIP! Make sure that your sleeping bag is appropriate for where and when you are camping. Hot weather calls for a lightweight bag, while heavier bags are needed for colder temperatures.

Keep one eye on your children when you go camping. There is quite a bit of traffic at campsites, and of course, young children can quickly and easily get lost in the woods. It takes just a second and something unexpected to happen.

TIP! An orange peel can help repel mosquitoes. If everything was packed but you didn't remember the bug spray, don't worry! You can simply rub the inside of the orange peel on any exposed skin.

Be aware of where your campsite location. You don't set up next to stinging insects or anything unsafe. If there is a lot of nearby vegetation, try wearing long pants and long sleeves to protect yourself from insects. You should also have bug repellant nearby.

TIP! Pick out all of your clothing before you go camping. Pack plenty of different items of clean clothing for all types of weather.

You should never leave your car or basecamp with a fully-charged cell phone that's fully charged. You might want to bring a couple of extra battery as well just in case your original runs low. A cellphone is a great way to get in touch with someone in case of an emergency device; make certain it will keep working.

TIP! Try to keep your cell phone completely charged. Another good idea is to keep an additional battery available.

Even if this isn't your first time at the site, you could still get lost because many areas look the same. You can avoid possible tragedy when you learn how to use both of these great lifesaving tools.

TIP! It is important that you have first aid and survival kits on hand when you go camping. This will help you take care of anything that happens so you do not need to cut your trip short.

As crazy as it seems, be sure to pack toilet paper with you on your camping trip. If you are going camping in a place that has no toilets, you will need to use the woods. It is not advisable to use leaves, so toilet paper will come in handy.

Sleeping Bag

TIP! When you put up your tent, seal the tent seams the best you can. You can purchase a tube of tent seam sealer at all good sporting goods stores.

Choose a sleeping bag that is made for the season.For example, in the summertime, you are going to want a lighter bag so that you stay as cool as possible. However, during the winter, a thicker sleeping bag will be needed so you won't freeze during the night.

TIP! When camping in the cooler weather, dress in layers. Weather can change on a dime.

Camping is a very enjoyable way to spend your time. However, it is crucial that you are educated on the topic. Be sure that you take what you have learned here and use them when you're about to go camping next time. Using the advice here, you'll be on your way to enjoying your next camping adventure.

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