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Become A Camping Expert: Tips For The Outdoor Enthusiast

TIP! When camping, be sure to locate a shelter before dark. You do not want to be stuck trying to put your tent together or finding a safe location for the tent when it's pitch black outside.

This is time for couples or families to get some quiet time. Camping can be an exciting and fun way to enjoy nature, but there is a lot of information that you need to know before going. Use these tips to enjoy your experience.

TIP! Ask family or friends who are camping with you for their input on your camping location. Talk over what your destination state should be.

Bring a survival kit that you and be sure to always have it on your person at all times.Survival kits must include water purification tablets, a survival knife, a first aid box, a flare gun and water purifying tablets. This kit may keep you alive in case you are lost or something bad happens and you're stuck outside for a survival situation.Remember to take it everywhere you and do not leave it in your camp.

TIP! Before you leave home to go camping, check to see if inclement weather is predicted in the area you are planning to visit. Some websites will tell you what the weather is usually like during the time you'll be going.

Check out what the weather before you leave for your camping trip. There are lots of websites that can also give you about local climates. This will help you better prepare for severe weather conditions.

TIP! Pack a first aid kit. Your kit's contents will change depending upon the season and location of your trip, but you should always bring the basics.

Dryer lint makes wonderful kindling for creating campfires. Collect the lint in your dryer to bring with you. Keep a used grocery bag near your dryer to make collecting easier. This allows you to just get your kindling and leave when it is time to go.

When you get through eating an orange, save all of your peels and rub them around your body to use as a natural insect repellent.

It would be horrible to forget to bring essential items like the tent or camp mat.

There may be spiders or bears that could pose a threat.Every camping area has a few dangers to be aware of.

TIP! Make sure you have a good chat with your children about basic camping dangers before you head away. The information contains pictures of poisonous plants that they can use as a guide of what to avoid.

Always pack enough food and the proper foods. A run-in with food poisoning can end a wonderful trip very quickly. Prepare all of your food properly and take any precautions you need to take.

TIP! When you are camping around dangerous creatures, you have to be even safer regarding food. You will need to keep your food in airtight containers or securely wrapped, and store it away from your tent.

If the area you are camping in is known for dangerous wildlife, you need to double up your precautions when it comes to food. Doing so is going to decrease the likeliness of an animal attack.

TIP! Make sure you have what you might need in case of any event. Try to plan your camping trip as best you can, but know that unexpected events can arise.

While it's crucial to plan ahead for things, sometimes things happen that were not in your plans. Weather can change, someone could get sick or injured, injuries or illness can strike. You mustn't take any reckless risks, be careless, and think before you act whether you are in a crisis or a normal camping situation.

TIP! Upon arrival at the campsite, find a soft, flat area of ground and pitch your tent there. Spots that are rocky, steep or wet mean an uncomfortable sleeping experience for you.

Plan to save the light of your flashlight batteries have full power before you go camping. It is all too easy to accidentally switch your flashlight on when going through your bags. Keep your flashlight in backwards.This prevents accidental switch nudges so that they will allow you to keep them stored without accidentally turning them on and wasting the batteries.

Sleeping Bag

TIP! Be aware of your campsite location. You want to avoid things like wasp's nest, ant hills and things of that nature.

Make sure your sleeping bag is appropriate for the environment in which you are camping.If its winter, purchase a heavyweight sleeping bag; people who camp in warm weather should use a lightweight sleeping bag. You might even consider a bag that surrounds the body hugging one as it helps you retain your body heat.

TIP! Beef jerky and trail mix are great foods to bring on your camping trip. Nutrient filled snacks can replace the need to cook if you don't have the means or the energy.

Keep pictures of your children on you if they are camping with you.This can help find them if they were to get separated from the trip. Always keep one ready for emergency use, especially if your campsite is far from your home.

TIP! A great camping tip that everyone should use is to bring along an extra utility knife. This knife is a must-have for campers, and you should have a spare in case something happens to the first one.

One great piece of equipment to carry while camping is a second utility knife. Utility knives are among the most versatile pieces of equipment in a camper's arsenal so bring along at least one.

TIP! Your sleeping bag selection should be made with the expected climate in mind. In the summer you want to have a light, cool bag.

Camping can make for a very relaxing weekend in your life or it can be a miserable one. The difference between these two comes down to your level of preparation. If you prepare for different scenarios, you are likely to have a great camping experience.

TIP! When you go camping, dress in layers. Outdoor weather can change without much warning.

Pack carefully and smartly. Create a checklist of necessary supplies and check things off as they are packed. This is especially crucial if you plan to visit a far away spot that is not likely to offer fist aid or other critical supplies.

TIP! When you are going camping for a longer time, be certain to bring activities for entertaining yourself. Of course, if you bring too many electronics, you may defeat the purpose of the trip, but there is nothing better than sitting beside a lake reading, or listening to music beside a camp fire at night.

Seal all your tent. You may find a tube at many sporting good stores if the tent did not come with any. This will stop critters and rainwater from getting inside your tent.

TIP! Don't forget to bring tablets to purify water. Use these for emergency situations where you either run out of water, or do not have to time or means to clean the water otherwise.

As silly as it may seem, do not forget to pack some toilet paper. If you take care of business in the woods, it will be necessary for you to use the bathroom outside. It is not advisable to use leaves, so toilet paper will come in handy.

TIP! Snake-proof your campsite. Stay away from brush and wood piles.

It is crucial that you protect yourself from the sun. Make sure to purchase a high SPF since you'll be outdoors for long periods of protection. You might want to consider a sunscreen that includes insect repellent. It's best to avoid encasing yourself with excessive amounts of chemicals when you camp.

Bring lots of dryer lint on your next camping trip. Lint makes the flame brighter flames than it would be with twigs.

TIP! Reading and enjoying music are perfect camping activities, but also make sure you enjoy nature. Lose yourself looking at the stars, and if you are familiar with the area, go walking on trails.

Take water purification tablets when you go camping.These tablets will turn any water and need an additional resource.Try the tablets at home first so you know how they will taste. You don't want to become dehydrated while camping because you don't like the taste of the water.

TIP! A few critical things for your trip include batteries, flashlights, hats, matches and miniature toiletries. No one wants to answer nature's call in the dark, so light sources are a must.

If your campsite is by a stream or river, make sure you "take your business" downstream. This will ensure you won't contaminate the water flowing near your campsite. Also be sure you alleviate yourself at least 100 yards away from camp.

Stay away from brush and wood as well as thick or deep brush.Always look through your things to make sure a snake has made it home.

You must set up shelter is established before it starts to get dark. If you don't have a tent, creating a shelter is easier in daylight.


Camping is activity that is a perennial favorite for a fun packed vacation experience, but to make it a happy a safe adventure, a little bit of planning can go a long way. With any luck, the piece above has given you the tools necessary to create a wonderful camping adventure.

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